Sigrun Lydsdottir

Sigrun Lydsdottir (b. 1980)

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MA Master Media Design Lens Based, Piet Zwart, Rotterdam NL, 2016 - 2018


BA Performance Design (Honours), Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Liverpool, UK, 1999 - 2002



Exhibitions and Screenings


2018  The Family of No Man, group show, Cosmos Arles Books, Arles, FR


2018 Excavating Empathy, group show, The Tent, Rotterdam, NL


2018  Research Lab, The Utopian Dystopian, group show, The Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam NL


2017  Lens-Based Cohort Screening, Kino, Rotterdam NL


2017 Visuals for Overview for Roger Goula, Shoreditch House, London UK


2017  Research Lab, Rise and Shine! This Must Be Happiness ,The Eye Film Museum, Amsterdam NL


2009 700IS Reindeerland, Experimental Art Festival, Sláturhúsið, Egilsstaðir IS


2009 Vídeóhátíð (Video festival), GalleryBOXi, Akureyri IS


2008 Get RVK, group show, Kaaber húsið, Reykjavík IS


2008 Reindeerland, Experimental Art Festival, Sláturhúsið, Egilsstaðir IS


2007 Cultural Festival, Seltjarnarnes IS


2007 Reykjavík Winter Festival, Group show, Kartefluhlaðan, Reykjavik 2007


2006  Sequences real time art festival, Reykjavík IS


2005 Capturing Hydro, Frognerparken, Oslo NO





2018  Nominated for WdKA Masters Research Award





2008  Permanent video installation for Gullfoss (Radisson Blu), Reykjavík IS


2008 Video installations for Einvera, Reykjavík IS


2008 Video murals for an event for Exista, Reykjavík IS


2007 Permanent video installation, Jolene, Copenhagen DK


2005 Photography Project for Hydro NO



Other Experience


2009 - now Mother of two boys, Sindri born 2009 and Stormur born 2015


2009 - 2016 Commercial work for advertising companies and TV stations. Doing Animation, moving graphics, visual effects, graphic design on various projects.


2005 - 2006 Trip around the world, where I took extensive photos and video. Also VJd in New Zealand.





2007  Eyelove Iceland, produced and published a DVD with Icelandic Video Art.




Member of:


Association of Icelandic Artists, SÍM


Women in Film and Television in Iceland, WIFT